29th December 2016

Michelle and Peter at Southend Barns

Hi Michelle and Peter, welcome to your personal Home Page
In order to view your photographs, please simply click on the picture links below and this will take you to our ‘Smugmug’ page through which we manage our galleries, there are a lot of images so probably an idea to go away and put the kettle on whilst they load up!
We suggest that you then copy the following link to send to friends and family
If anyone wishes to order prints or digital downloads then this can be done through the Smugmug link. You may also follow this link to a shareable PDF version of all of your photos. We would like to add a few of these to our Facebook page during the next few days if thats ok with you.
Your package comes with one of our Deluxe range of Albums plus an additional 2 replica ‘Parent’ books. Let us have a list of 100 images and we will try and lay them out over 30 pages. You will also receive your chosen 100 images plus an additional 350 from your galleries (450 in total) all in high resolution and copyright free on a USB in a presentation box.
Also, you may select your favourite shot to be reproduced as a 12″x16″ block mounted print!

There are many upgrade options that you may like to consider including:
  • Album upgrade in size or cover options including leather, acrylic, linen etc.
  • Additional album spreads – this will help to make the album look less cluttered- £30ea
  • Upgrade to your entire image collection including all 1139 wedding shots plus your Pre Wedding shots – £295
  • ‘Thank you’ albums for your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen from £60
  • Additional Parents albums – £100
  • Additional A3 display album of your 50 favourite shots at full page – £235
  • Your choice of 10 ‘Signature’ shots digitally remastered to create an high art effect and presented as either display cards or as part of a hand printed album – £195
  • Your choice of ‘Signature’ shot beautifully reproduced onto a choice of Acrylic, canvas or high end frame – prices and sizes available via your gallery