The pre wedding shoot is an essential and excellent way of making sure that you are totally relaxed with us before your wedding.

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This gives you the chance to get practicing with your kissing in front of the camera and gives us an insight into how you react to the camera’s lens enabling us to be alert to issues such as pre blinking and multiple chins, as we are all human after all!

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This is also a great time to get working on those dramatic swooning kiss shots and embraces that add so much style to your shots. Beware though, we do sometimes give you ‘homework’!


The photo shoot also throws up some great photographs to compliment your wedding pictures and maybe even print out for the wedding day itself in the form of a Signing Board or perhaps framed shots for the tables.

Whilst we’re together we will also sit down with your timetables to make sure that everything is just as it should be and that you can be assured of being as relaxed as possible when the day arrives.

Every wedding couple that books any one of our packages gets a pre-shoot included.